Friday, August 5, 2011

Feature Friday -- Mega PromoFrenzy Specials

Each Friday of the month of August I will be featuring a few shops participating in the Mega PromoFrenzy Specials on Etsy.

Eldorado Soaps: Lemongrass and poppyseed soap bar

RabbitDogPrints: Vintage Peacock 1 Book Page1846 Art 7 x 10

CalliopeAZCreations: Holistic Support Stone Red Black Turquoise Carnelian

Please visit these wonderful shops and check out their great specials. And don't forget to look for other great offers at all of the shops participating in the Mega PromoFrenzy Specials through the month of August.

You can find these and other participating shops here:

Or search promofrenzyteam on Etsy. Please use the code FRENZYSPECIAL at checkout and read each shops announcements for details on their individual specials.


  1. Love your picks ... you have such a pretty blog!

  2. Lovely features! Feature Friday is SO fun!

  3. Such a beautiful feature. Here's to lots of August sales!!

  4. Nice selections...good luck with the Mega Sales.